FIAT gets Weird in Latest Commercial

Wow so it seems like the guys over at FIAT have been spending too much time surfing the internet because the latest commercial is like on big tripped-out gif pulled straight from Reddit or Buzzfeed.

Everyone knows that FIAT is trying to attract a young audience, and perhaps this is the latest approach. It is certainly…revealing enough. There isn't much about this commercial we don't like. There are appearances by every model in the current New FIAT lineup and even the music had us looking for more online. Check it out:

Just like this commercial, there is no doubt that models like the FIAT 500L break convention. If you are looking for a car that is a little out of the ordinary, but still practical enough to be used on a daily basis and efficient enough to keep you away from the gas station, then be sure to come take a look at the our inventory here at Findlay FIAT.

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