A Feast of FIAT, Featuring Godzilla

Good news, FIAT fans. A new Godzilla movie is coming out soon, so if you're a fan of monster mashes, we're pretty sure you'll enjoy this brand new flick. Better still, FIAT has gotten on board with the movie makers and created a spot. Now, you can see how the 500L stacks up against the great destroyer.

In the spot, we see Godzilla tearing up Manhattan, and also (to our anguish) eating a bunch of smaller FIAT models. But where some of our models in our lineup are bite sized for the giant lizard, the size and style of the new 500L is apparently too much to handle.

Check it out in the video below.

You've gotten a look at the new Godzilla film, now have a look at our local Henderson, NV new FIAT lineup! Swing on down to our showroom and we'll show you what we have in store.

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