One of the Cars that Started it all -- the 1964 FIAT 500D

What do you get when you amp up a FIAT 500 in the early 1960s? The two-cylinder, 17 horsepower FIAT 500D, that's what.

If there was ever a car out there whose cheeks you'd want to pinch, this 1964 FIAT 500D would be the one. Annetta Calisi is the proud owner of this little ray of motorized sunshine, and she's happy to play the part of a '60s-era Italian movie star whenever she cruises around town in it.

See how cute a retro nine-foot car can be, suicide doors and all:

Despite the pipsqueak's meager power, performance and -- let's be honest -- practicality, this street-smart city slicker became a cult classic in Italy and eventually worldwide, which prompted its 50th anniversary revival in the United States in the form of the modernly redesigned FIAT 500. Put some pep in your step by adding a cheery 500 to your family! Swing by Findlay FIAT in Henderson, NV to test drive any of our available models.

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