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FIAT gets Weird in Latest Commercial

Wow so it seems like the guys over at FIAT have been spending too much time surfing the internet because the latest commercial is like on big tripped-out gif pulled straight from Reddit or Buzzfeed.

Everyone knows that FIAT is trying to attract a young audience, and perhaps this is the latest approach. It is certainly…revealing enough. There isn't much about this commercial we don't like. There are appearances by every model…

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Dogs Wag their Tails when they see the Pet Friendly FIAT 500L Coming

As we've mentioned here on our blog in the past, the 2014 FIAT 500L is becoming known for its spacious interior that is big enough to accommodate the entire family. Well today we wanted to talk about how it is ideal for four-legged companions as well.

Dogs can hop into this hatchback with ease thanks to its lower liftgate. They also love its open air feeling and comfortable interior. No matter where they look…

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3 Reasons We Love the FIAT eco:Drive App!

Whether you are doing your part to save the environment or want to save money at the pump, or both, a lot of people are becoming more interested in driving with fuel efficiency in mind. To make it easier FIAT has developed an exciting app called eco:Drive.

Unlike systems in some vehicles that give you a color coded idea of how well you are driving (generally based on how much you are accelerating or decelerating) the eco:Drive app is a long-term system that tracks your driving habits overtime and allows you to set goals.

Here are 3 reasons…

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More Reasons Why the FIAT 500L is Worth Taking for a Spin

It seems like the FIAT 500L is all we can talk about these days. This is because FIAT launched such a memorable ad campaign for the model last fall, that we just don't want you to miss out on any of its comical commercials.

To add to the one we brought you last month, this time around we thought we'd share the spot titled "Wedding." It offers yet another example of just how...

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Road & Track Recognizes FIAT EV as a Best Car for 2013

At present, the electrifying (pun intended) FIAT 500e is only available next door, in California. However, just because our neighbors to the west are presently the only ones who have local access to FIAT's sole EV, it doesn't mean that it won't be coming to other places, soon.

It also doesn't mean that the model is any less exciting, or important to the new FIAT lineup. Especially now that the seasoned…

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Going Old School with the 2014 Fiat 500 1957 Edition

For those that don't know their Fiat history, the Cinquecento launched back in 1957; doing a little math shows that in 2014 this will have been 57 years ago! So to celebrate this 57th anniversary, the automaker is making something retro, something classic, something old school, and it makes us nostalgic for a time we never even experienced.

Based on the Fiat 500's Lounge trim level, it's a throwback to a time…

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New FIAT Model Passes Bosch's Diesel Challenge

Not too long ago diesel vehicles were loud and smelly, people might still have a negative connotation of them. Well, we at Findlay FIAT are pleased that the automotive industry is moving toward better technology that creates a cleaner, more efficient, fuel sipping diesel engines. These motors provide great fuel-economy ratings and make a great alternative to gas.

If you travel overseas to Europe you'll find that diesel powered autos are some of the most popular choices. However, they still offer traditional petrol-powered motors for individuals who aren't quite ready to switch over to new-age alternatives like hybrids…

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FIAT Shows Anything is Possible in 500L TV Spots

With a new FIAT model like the 500L, you can expect everything, and we mean everything. To show that off, the Italian automaker is at it again with some new television ads that demonstrate the many possibilities, and more room found in the five-seat compact car.

There are three ads in total, and all can be seen thanks to FIAT USA's YouTube page. First up is one called "Wedding." Two bridesmaids are running late…

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FIAT Heads on Road Trip with #JJ Instagram Team

If you are witnessing something cool, want to show off that tasty meal or beverage you're about to down, or simply need some self-approval from others with some selfies, Instagram is there for you. We personally love it, and FIAT does too. That's why it has teamed up with one of the most popular users of the app, and is headed on a five city road trip.

Josh Johnson wanted to share his…

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